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1st June 2016

What does it really mean to be a Salesforce.org IMPACT partner?

salesforce impact partnerHyphen8 is very proud to have become one of the first Salesforce.org International Impact Partners. It got me thinking about what that really means.

We are extremely lucky to have been selected as the Salesforce consulting and implementation partner by a wide range of Not for Profit organisations, all of which do amazing work.

These organisations put their trust in us to work in partnership with their teams to design and craft solutions that enable them to transform the way they raise funds, make and monitor grants, manage their members and stakeholders, and much more,

So what is it that we partners offer to justify the investment?

We understand the platform.

Salesforce is continually innovating and releases a whole host of new features three times a year – so it is important that your partner keeps up to speed with the key developments and more importantly can apply them to your key challenges and requirements.  Many Not for Profit organisation do not have the internal capacity to employ dedicated staff as Salesforce experts so it’s important that you have a Partner on board that acts as an extension of your team.

We can guide you through specialist application selection.

There are a constant and growing number of specialist applications on the AppExchange that can be ‘plugged in’ to the Salesforce platform. These include multiple options for marketing, for document management, for payment processing, for online forms and so on. Your partner should be able to guide you through the selection process by short-listing and recommending those that best fit the need and your budget.

We can be creative with the platform.

A good partner, in our opinion, should not shy away from using custom code where standard features and existing specialist apps are unable to tick all your boxes.  After all, that is the reason why Salesforce includes an impressive array of development options.  So, we will use code where needed to make your life easier: speed up data entry and import routines, drive complex automation, by-pass multiple clicks to improve user experience, and integrate with external systems and websites.

We share knowledge and help you to become self-sufficient.

Your partner should recognise that user adoption and change management is critical to help your users embrace the new technology and understand the role they play in data quality. Training should not be seen as a one-off exercise that takes place prior to launch but should be an ongoing programme of activity that reflects your culture, your ways of working, and your range of technical abilities – and delivered in a format that your users are most likely to digest.

We help you to drive continuous innovation.

Salesforce is not a one-off project.  Often, Not for Profit organisations are looking to replace existing applications because they are no longer fit for purpose and/or do not offer the flexibility to adapt to new requirements. So it is important that your partner continues to support you way beyond the additional implementation to provide continual enhancements, strategic guidance and can demonstrate that they are helping you to achieve your ongoing objectives.

One definition of Impact is a marked effect or influence’ and this is exactly what Hyphen8 strive to do with every partnership.

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