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15th July 2013

Is using your CRM application like a “walk in the park”?

If not, take a good look at WalkMe.

End-user adoption of CRM applications is arguably the most significant factor that determines and drives business results. But how intuitive and easy do your users find your CRM application?

I had mentioned in one of my earlier blogs (Bake-in User Adoption to maximise Salesforce.com success), that the keys to ensuring high adoption include:

  1. Securing a executive sponsor to drive the CRM agenda, strategy, and operational use
  2. Engaging users with the CRM project journey, right from the get-go
  3. Designing solutions to align closely with business processes and use cases
  4. Investing at the right level in training and education
  5. Designing for continuous adoption, to motivate and keep users engaged throughout the application use lifecycle

So, what happens after your users are trained and the application is rolled out? How do you ensure users continue to enjoy the application as it is further developed? How do you on-board new users with minimal impact to the business? How do you keep end-user support and on-going training costs as low as possible?

WalkMeTo help answer these questions, we’ve come across an amazing tool called “Walk-Me”.

WalkMe enables you to develop, with no programming effort, a series of “Walk-Thrus” that guide users through the application, to quickly and easily complete even the most complex tasks.

When implemented, users receive clear and error-proof on-screen instructions –  displayed as sequential hints in balloons within the application while they perform the actual process from start to finish. Think of it as if you are sitting right next to your users, guiding them through each task, step-by-step.

And, better still, as WalkMe works on top of the browser – so its not limited to just Salesforce.com (or whatever CRM system you are using). It actually works across multiple business applications (irrespective of whether they are integrated with the platform) and, of course, your website(s). So – it becomes particularly awesome when users have to scroll through multiple (non-integrated) applications to complete is a single process update!

Hence, for internal applications you can implement WalkMe to improve end-user adoption and productivity, and reduce training and on-boarding costs. For public applications (like portals and websites), WalkMe helps to drive and enhance the overall customer engagement and experience – which ultimately leads to more sales!

We really like this tool. It’s easy to use. It looks good and it works well too. And, with prices that deliver clear ROI, it’s a MUST SEE Salesforce.com Add-in.

Hyphen8 are now an authorised reseller and consulting partner for WalkMe. Click here to get started with your FREE PLAN!

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