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Hyphen8: Your Complete Suite of Services

At Hyphen8, our focus is on helping businesses and organisations – of all shapes and sizes – get the best value from their CRM initiatives. So, our suite of services have been designed to fit with whatever your needs might be. Our consultants are experts in what they do – and have fantastic track records in helping businesses in almost every sector make a real difference – on the platform.

Whatever your needs – CRM strategy, application development or support – Hyphen8 can offer a complete suite of services to help:

ENVISION “Where am I going?” Define your CRM vision, solution architecture and roadmap
EMPOWER “Help me get there!” Implement solutions to empower your business
EVOLVE “Support me as my business changes” Ongoing support for your changing needs
IN:GAGE “I need a dedicated CRM team – On-Demand” A fully managed “One Stop Shop” service

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  • empower
  • evolve
  • in:gage

ENVISION: Where Am I Going?

Define your CRM Vision, Solution Architecture and Roadmap.

With our ENVISION service, our consultants will:

  • review your current CRM architecture;
  • devise the solution architecture you need to support your goals; and,
  • build a phased roadmap to help you deliver your vision – with real ROI.
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EMPOWER: Help Me Get There!

Implement solution(s) to empower your business.

Through EMPOWER, our consultants will work with you to design, build and implement the solution(s) you need – on the platform – to help you deliver real business outcomes, aligned with your strategy and budget.

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EVOLVE: Support me as my business changes

Ongoing support for your changing needs.

EVOLVE provides you with an on-demand post-implementation support programme – to ensure you derive high adoption levels from your solutions, that deliver high business performance.

Our EVOLVE service is available to ANY customer that is looking for a more engaging and responsive support.

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IN:GAGE: I Need a Dedicated Salesforce Team – On Demand

A Fully Managed One-Stop Shop Service.

With our IN:GAGE programme we wrap together all our services and provide them to you as a “One Stop Shop”. With IN:GAGE you won’t need to recruit an internal team – we’ll provide them as a fully managed service.

It offers you access to experienced technical experts, and business consultants with extensive experience in helping organisations build, manage and grow their systems in a way that is aligned and responsive to your changing business needs .

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What Next?

So – where are you in your CRM journey?

  • You may be about to embark on developing a new CRM strategy or Project.
  • You may be seeking assistance to get better value from your existing system
  • You may need an expert consultant to undertake an independent review of your existing system or programme
  • Or you may be looking to outsource your CRM application service to a trusted source.

Whatever the case, we’d love to help.

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