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SmartStart CRM

Our SmartStart CRM is a service especially designed to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations implement a core CRM application into their business, within a RAPID timescale.

We understand that your CRM solution is a key investment and you need to get something implemented quickly to deliver rapid benefits from your investment.

That’s why we’ve developed SmartStart - a programme of consulting, application development and support services that will:

- Design, build and implement a powerful CRM application - based on the world's leading cloud platform salesforce.com - tailored to your needs within a rapid timeframe; and,

- Provide you with expert ongoing support to ensure your application is always fit for purpose, maintains highest adoption levels, and delivers continuous return on your investment.



Hyphen8 SmartStart CRM

A partnered programme to help you implement a powerful CRM application within a Two-Week timeframe and get all the support you need to deliver maximise returns.

What is it?

SmartStart is a 12-month programme, where we partner and work with you, to:

  • define the CRM solution you need to meet your business or organisational objectives
  • develop and implement, within a rapid timescale, a powerful CRM application to deliver immediate benefits – based on the world’s leading CRM Platform: Salesforce.com
  • support you, through a 12-month service programme, to ensure your system is managed and updated when needed to meet your ongoing and changing needs

Our Approach

The prime aim of the programme is to deliver a core application, within a rapid timeframe and thereafter provide an ongoing support and development service. With this in mind, our standard approach includes the following key stages:

1 Undertake a short review of your CRM goals and expectations, and existing processes & systems Typically 1 day onsite
2 Define a target solution and develop a phased roadmap (plan), aligned with your key priorities and objectives Typically 1-2 days offsite
3 Design, develop and implement the solution needed – on the salesforce.com platform – to meet your immediate, high priority needs. This stage includes data migration and end user training. Typically 5-7 days
4 Provide the mechanism for you to call engage our experts for ongoing consultancy, application development and administration support over the course of the 12 month service – when you need them.

Based on our standard approach, stages 1, 2 and 3 are typically completed within a TWO WEEK timeframe!


It is through a partnering programme of services such as this that enables us to help our clients get the best value from their investments in their CRM initiatives. It provides you with:

  • A clear plan that helps you drive change aligned with priorities and needs
  • A core CRM solution implemented within 2 weeks that delivers immediate value
  • Training and best practice from experts to drive maximum user adoption
  • 12 months of ongoing support to ensure your system is always fit for purpose


The cost of SmartStart CRM very much depends on the scope and complexity of your requirements, how many of your requirements are mandatory needs in the first instance.

However, from experience, we have developed the following ENTRY LEVEL packages:

SMARTSTART for Business
SMARTSTART for Not-For-Profits
£8,640 + VAT £6,720 + VAT
Standard Configuration: could include Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Campaigns (subject to scope) Standard Configuration: could include Donation Management, Gifts, Grants, Volunteers, Memberships, Programmes, Households, Surveys (subject to scope)
Report and Dashboard Development
(5 reports, 2 Dashboards)
Report and Dashboard Development
(5 reports, 2 Dashboards)
HTML Email Communication Templates
(1 letterhead, 3 email templates)
HTML Email Communication Templates
(1 letterhead, 3 email templates)
Data Migration of Leads, Accounts and Contacts (1 Single source Excel File each for Lead & Accounts / Contacts) Data Migration of legacy Donor, and Donation Data (1 Single source Excel File each for Lead & Accounts / Contacts)
2 hour Training Session with your users 2 hour Training Session with your users

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