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Hyphen8 is, first and foremost, a cloud computing consultancy. But, from a technology standpoint, we're passionate about salesforce.com and consider it to be the 'platform of choice' for cloud business solutions. So - the solutions we deliver are predominantly based on salesforce.com and associated cloud products in its wider eco-system.

About Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com is the world's favourite enterprise cloud computing service, with over 3 million users and 120,000+ customers – operating across all commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Business and IT Leaders worldwide have deployed salesforce.com to transform the way they deliver products and services to their customers, and use its collaboration and social tools to enhance the ways their employees work, and engage with their customers, suppliers and partners - across multiple media and channels.

Salesforce.com has demonstrated how cloud computing can be deployed in rapid timescales, to provide organisations with powerful web based applications that deliver high returns on investment, and phenomenal business and customer benefits.

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Hyphen8 is a fully accredited Salesforce.com Consulting Partner.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications

Salesforce.com offers the worlds most popular CRM solutions, with powerful collaboration capabilities built on a proven cloud platform.

Everything you need to grow your organisation. With no software or hardware to install, you’re up and running – and seeing a positive impact on your business – quickly.

  • Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Enterprise Social Engagement
Fully engage and automate how your marketing and sales team collaborate and work together, to deliver higher performance, and improved business.

Using the Sales Cloud from salesforce.com, thousands of businesses worldwide (across all sectors)  have supercharged sales productivity and effectiveness levels.

The evolving Marketing Cloud provides a powerful platform for marketers to consolidate data sources, drive ROI across multiple channels and improve campaign management efficiency.

Salesforce.com provides the tools and functionality to help marketing and sales teams accelerate and streamline all phases of sales, from lead management to analytics and forecasting.

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Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud is the world’s leading customer service, support, and help desk solution, designed to enable you to transform your customer service.  Engage your support teams with a holistic, multi-channel customer interface to deliver a compelling and differentiated customer experience.

From the contact centre to self-service communities, social media and beyond, Service Cloud is changing the game in customer service.

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Social media is dramatically changing how people connect, share, and collaborate with each other.

Extend your enterprise to transform how you market, sell and service the needs of customers, employees, partners, and everyone that matters to your business.

It’s time to embrace the transformation of  your business for this new reality.

Custom Applications

Build powerful, collaborative business apps in record time. 

Rid yourself of the overhead that legacy applications impose on your business – those built on Notes, .NET, Java, and complex unmanageable spreadsheets – and make your employees even more productive.

Salesforce.com is not only about CRM.  On their cloud platform, Force.com, tens of thousands of business worldwide have developed a multitude of different custom applications – HR solutions, procurement applications, portals, pricing systems …. and a whole lot more.

Force.com allows developers to design, build and deploy applications with agility, at low cost. With built-in security, an open API to enable integration with other systems, and powerful workflow capabilities, mobile capabilities and real time reporting.

“Custom applications were developed in 76% less time for 54% less cost with Force.com”

“2009 IDC Research Report”

Partner Applications

To get the highest value, some business needs may not be met by the standard functionality offered within salesforce.com applications.

So – what do you do?

Do you develop a custom solution – or do you take advantage of the great partner solutions listed on salesforce.com appExchange.

Depending on the requirement, we can help you make the right decision.

If it’s a Partner solution, we’ve worked with many.

Partner solutions include data transformation tools, integration middleware, marketing automation solutions, document management, CPQ engines, customer experience management applications – and a whole lot more.


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