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With our multi-disciplinary team providing experienced expertise in both Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Salesforce.com we are able to provide a wide spectrum of services to support every aspect of your CRM journey – initial strategy and planning, solution development, and a compelling post-implementation customer care programme for a complete agnostic & impartial perspective.

  • Cloud Strategy & Roadmap
  • Solution Implementation
  • Training & Education
  • CRM Business Case
  • Process Improvement
  • Data Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Interim Project Management

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Our cloud consulting ENVISION service help business and IT executives gain a better understanding of how cloud computing can be embraced to help them deliver core business and customer objectives, and develop a strategy and plan to drive transformational change - with high ROI.

Whether you are looking at the cloud for the first time, are at the early stages of cloud adoption, or planning a major cloud migration project, ENVISION has been designed to help ensure your cloud strategy works.

Solution Implementation

Our experiences with salesforce.com projects is a varied and mixed one. They include projects that required complex, highly customised and fully integrated applications - but also ones where needs are far more simple.

We flex our approach to delivery to meet to your needs - be that traditional "waterfall" style delivery, agile/scrum, or a hybrid. From our experience, there is no one right answer: the preferred approach is one that accords with your needs, culture and best practice.

The constant throughout is our focus on delivering quality, great results, and partnering to help you generate highest return for your investment.

Training & Education

A relevant and engaging training programme is vital to achieving high and sustained user adoption.

Hyphen8 will work with you to develop an deliver a programme of training and education, designed to fit with your needs, culture, and business aims. Our offerings include a range of formats including interactive on site sessions, webinars, videos and various documentation styles.

But most importantly, we work with you to ensure expertise is transferred - to empower your people to take the lead in maintaining high adoption and success.

CRM Business Case

You have a plan and a need. But do you have a firm and robust basis for investing in a new CRM solution. What are the options? What are the costs – initial and ongoing? What are the impacts? And how will you generates benefits to deliver a return on your investment?

Based on our experience in delivering similar solutions, we can provide a structure and framework to help you develop the business case for your initiative – a key document that will engage the support and funds you need to support your programme and mission.

Process Improvement

We all know from experience that it's important to get the processes defined right before embedding any new technologies into the business.

Using powerful modelling tools, we help customers undertake robust reviews of existing processes to identify areas for improvement, and develop new processes to support transformational change.

Our approach to business process design involves collaborative team working, engaging stakeholders across your enterprise and running workshop sessions that enable real time capture. We aid decision making around how best to re-engineer processes to align with real business needs and improve operational excellence.

Data Management

“Garbage In: Garbage Out” - a well known phrase. Effective data management strategies and plans are a critical component to ensure project deliver quality. Establishing the "single view of the customer" doesn't have to be a 'pipe dream'!

Our services include a focused approach to data cleansing, migration and integration. Using industry leading tools, we can help you minimise risks, reduce costs, and ensure highest confidence in all that your project delivers.

Systems Integration

Integrating saleforce.com applications with other core business systems - both internal or in the cloud - helps minimise operational costs, maximise performance and drive more compelling customer experiences.

Our consultants include architects with depth and breadth in integration solutions and middleware, and can help you define and implement pragmatic strategies for application integration and deployment that align with business needs.

Continuous Improvement

So - your application has been developed, and your users trained to get the best of of them. What next?

"Change is a constant" and Hyphen8 want to work alongside you, to ensure we are there to support change - wherever it may come from.

Our ‘Evolve’ programme has been designed to provide customers with continuous levels of customer care and support to ensure their applications are always fit for purpose, maintain highest adoption levels, and deliver continuous and highest ROI throughout their lifecycle of use.

Interim Project Management

You may already have your own team or have engaged the services of a systems integrator to implement your cloud solution(s).

But do you have in-house expertise in managing salesforce.com assignments, so that you can be assured that your team is high-performing, and delivering to best practice and quality standards?

Hyphen8 also offer high-calibre, specialist and experienced programme and project managers, with expertise in both waterfall and agile approaches, combined with extensive salesforce.com and other cloud solution implementation experience.

Our Approach

Our approach is geared to help you:

  • Develop and implement cloud-computing strategies and plans to meet customer and business objectives
  • Ensure high levels of end-user adoption across your enterprise
  • Reduce costs and establish ways of working to maximise ROI
  • Drive better and more differentiated customer experiences

Our services and solutions framework has been designed to achieve these aims, and is based on partnering with you to support the full lifecycle of your solution.

Hyphen8 have formulated an approach for delivering cloud-based solutions that involves three key stages of engagement.

We call them the 3 E’s: ENVISION –> EMPOWER –> EVOLVE.

  • envision
  • empower
  • evolve

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Envision: Build a CRM Vision, Strategy and Roadmap

Through ENVISION, we will help you define and validate your CRM Strategy; develop a business case to gain the investment and sponsorship needed to fund the initiative; and, construct a workable plan to help you achieve your CRM goals.

Key activities include:

  • Discovery: a series of workshops and interviews to understand key change drivers, business and customer needs, and target objectives
  • Vision: define the target state solution architecture required to support your transformational requirements, and construct the business case for change
  • Roadmap: a transformational and phased roadmap to guide programme delivery

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Empower: Implement powerful cloud-based solutions

Our EMPOWER services involve the delivery of highly focused project(s) that help to deliver the solutions– to empower your business and customer experiences – aligned with your CRM strategy.

These solutions could include salesforce automation applications, marketing applications, customer service and support systems, mobile applications, or complete bespoke applications – built on a cloud platform: Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics.

The scope of each project will include the complete design, development, testing, data migration, training and final deployment of the solution – using our 4D methodology – working in conjunction with your internal management, user and IT teams.

Whether your implementation project is large or small, single or multi-site, simple or complex, we can help you.

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Evolve: A complete and comprehensive managed service

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.„
– Henry Ford

EVOLVE offers a complete, on-demand and responsive consulting application development, support and customer care programme – designed to ensure your organisation has:

  • Access to the CRM experts it needs – consultants, developers, data experts, trainers, and others – when it needs them; and,
  • Applications that engage high end-user adoption, and generate continuous value and ROI

The scope of a EVOLVE programme is something we construct and tailor on a basis that works for you, but typically includes:

  • Initial & regular healthcheck(s) – to assess how well your application(s) meet business needs, and developing a continuous improvement plan to improve results and outcomes
  • Access to our expert team to develop and implement powerful, flexible and scaleable CRM solutions – on Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Ongoing training and updated user support materials to ensure that your people adopt new processes and continue to improve efficiencies
  • Remote systems administration and technical support

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