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30th May 2014

Salesforce1 World Tour: London – Casting a spell over Europe?

On the 22nd of May 2014, the Salesforce1 World Tour came to the ExCeL centre, London. The show opened with an awe-inspiring display by the 2010 winners of Britain’s Got Talent, Spellbound, which set the scene for George Hu and his team to show Salesforce.com’s latest enhancements. During the 2 hour keynote there were various messages, but for me, the key ‘take-homes’ were as follows:

Salesforce.com’s ‘Internet of Customers’

Salesforce reaffirmed its notion of the ‘Internet of Customers’, which to me is a continuation of the ‘Customer Company’ theme. Whilst interacting with customers may not be a new concept, there is little doubt that Salesforce’s enthusiasm for being customer-oriented and ‘connected’ was compelling. Salesforce.com clearly believes this is a key selling point of its platform and with last year’s procurement of ExactTarget and other developments, puts them in the driving seat.


This brings me onto Salesforce1 platform and in particular, the talk by Fergus Griffin. Prior to the keynote, I was unsure how Salesforce1 would be leveraged, but after, their message was clearer. In essence, Salesforce.com is encouraging businesses to become more collaborative and customer-connected organisations, driven by a ‘Mobile First” strategy that enables you to ‘run your business’ from your mobile device.

In the Summer’14 release Salesforce1 will enable administrators to adapt the ‘look and feel’ of the application and add custom business actions to suit their own needs. Developers will also have more toys to play with. API coverage will expand ten-fold and AppExchange partners such as Dropbox, Evernote and DocuSign have also begun to join the Salesforce1 party. What is more, there’s a lot to come!

However, being an ebullient, hearty and well-honed administrator, I particularly liked the option to change the colours/logos on Salesforce1 …. seemingly without code!

Investment in UK/Europe

The long-awaited UK data centre was also mentioned and whilst there was no ‘exact date’ specified, it will be live later this year (probably August/September timeframe – or, so my sources tell me!). Salesforce.com also announced two further data centres in the pipeline for 2015 (France and Germany). This makes sense for Salesforce.com, not only to make further inroads into regulated European Markets, but also the Public Sector.

Industry Business Units

Last but not least, Salesforce.com further clarified their ‘Industry Strategy Units’. These units will focus on:

  • Financial Services/Insurance
  • Health Care/Life Sciences
  • Retail/Consumer Products
  • Communications/Media
  • Public Sector
  • Automotive/Manufacturing

These ‘units’ – principally accelerator solutions – will show how Salesforce1 can be leveraged to connect with customers and foster best practice. At the very least, it will give everyone new ideas on how to leverage the platform!

In all, the Salesforce1 World Tour London kept the ‘buzz’ alive in the community – which can only be a good thing. Furthermore, whilst demos always make solutions appear to be miraculous, one thing is clear: Salesforce is moving into the mobile world and wants to bring its customers with it.  As for me, I am looking forward to the 2015 event already!

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