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11th October 2017

Salesforce “QuickStart” Programs Don’t Work!

QuickStartI’ve been working in the Salesforce world for almost a decade now and, as many will no doubt agree, building solutions on Salesforce is Quick!

On the back of this benefit, many Salesforce consulting partners (and indeed, Salesforce themselves), promote so-called “QuickStart” programs to help new customers implement a CRM application within as little as 3-5 days!

Sounds great – doesn’t it? But is it really?

Within that supersonic time, they say they will gather requirements, configure the application, import your legacy data and train your users. Amazing, eh?

Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I don’t think so.

Here’s why:

  1. QuickStart programs only deliver a very limited, basic application based on standard out of the box functionality (i.e. NOT tailored to YOUR needs)
  2. QuickStart programs include a whole bunch of caveats (“cant do”, “wont do”, etc) that restrict freedom of ideas and thought.
  3. QuickStart programs offer NO ongoing management or support
  4. QuickStart programs offer a very short term solution, with very limited ROI
  5. QuickStart programs, in most consultancies, are delivered by relatively junior consultants who are learning on the job

From my experience, CRM is more than a mocked-up application. Even if you choose to implement a very limited solution, the reality is that you will need, over time, to manage it; extend its functionality; possibly integrate it with other applications; provide ongoing training and support to end-users; and, much more. Without these basics, your “QuickStart” application will start to gather dust on the proverbial shelf …. in quick time!

CRM, after all, is not a static entity. It is a strategy that requires effective stakeholder engagement, careful thought, planning and execution. It needs to consider and respond to the FACT that business and customer change is and always will be ongoing.

So, before selecting a “QuickStart” offer, ensure your CRM plan and budget are focused on delivering short, medium and long term benefits – and that you have a partner you can trust to deliver this.

With the support and feedback from our clients, Hyphen8 has formulated a highly flexible, 12-month EVOLVE service that enables clients to engage our Salesforce experts to implement a core solution within a rapid timescale – but also have access to expert resources, when needed, to extend and support their application in alignment with their evolving and expanding business needs. This helps ensure their solutions are always “fit for purpose” and deliver continuous ROI.

So, unlike QuickStart programs, EVOLVE offers the service you need to ensure you derive short, medium and long term benefits – a helps you to flex and grow your business more effectively.


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