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26th September 2012

Salesforce.com – a continuous force of disruption

Salesforce.com – a continuous force of disruptionAnother phenomenal year for Salesforce.com.

Last week, they held Dreamforce. Another phenomenal Cloud Computing event.

Another year where Salesforce.com – a continuous force of disruption – took the stage to demonstrate to the world its prowess, its innovation, and its leadership in all things Cloud.

Since its inception as a CRM applications provider, it has rapidly matured into an enterprise scale platform. A platform that businesses of all sizes – up to the very largest and most complex – can trust their data and processes, and scale and flex with agility to meet customer needs in ways they probably have never been able before.

Over recent years, having thoroughly disrupted the front office space, Salesforce.com is now extending its disruptive influence into others sectors. It bids to broaden out and unify its value proposition to enterprises – through cloud computing, and further promote what it has been referring to as the “social enterprise”.

In doing so, through its native developments and selective acquisitions, it’s moving into territories that have been more the traditional home of the likes of Oracle and SAP. And, with its newly branded Marketing Cloud, it’s entering into the social marketing space having acquired the combined power of specialist providers Radian6 and BuddyMedia.  It remains to be seen whether Salesforce.com will extend the marketing cloud proposition to automation across all channels currently dominated by the likes of Marketo and Eloqua.

We also heard more about Chatterbox – which will take on, head first, cloud-native offerings such as Dropbox, Box, and Huddle – and the host of other file sharing and collaboration tools.

And then, with its foray into the HR space, it acquired Rypple a couple of months back, and has now announced Work.com. With its potential to sell even larger volumes of licences, HR is an arena is which we will undoubtedly see even more investment – as Salesforce.com takes on the likes of SAP (Successfactors), Oracle (Taleo), Workday, IBM (Kenexa) and other key players.

In the security domain, Salesforce.com has launched Salesforce Identify – a Facebook style identity management service that takes on Symantex, CA and others of this ilk.

Let’s not forget its Touch Platform and indeed Heroku – a cloud service for Java that continues to bear significant pressure on Microsoft, SAP and Oracle.

With all this happening, Salesforce.com is well positioned to place itself more than a step ahead of the competition – especially if it’s able to unify external facing social media capabilities with its internal collaboration tools (Chatter).


Disruption. It’s in their DNA.

These are just some good reasons for why vendors outside the CRM space need to be wary, and should be paying very close attention to Salesforce.com.

by David Nandhra

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