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16th October 2012

Avoid headaches during Marketo integration with salesforce

Marketo provides powerful automation capabilities to help marketers act on the segmentation of leads, contacts and accounts in salesforce.com.  Here are some tips to avoid headaches during Marketo integration with salesforce:-

1. Technical set up

Although the process of integrating salesforce.com with Marketo is fairly simple, there could be delays if you don’t get your technical teams involved early on.  Key considerations include enabling access to multiple IP address ranges, browser compatibility and adding required Munchkin code to the web pages you wish to track.  Make sure you understand what will be involved in the set up and give advance warning so that you don’t experience unnecessary frustration.

2. Dedicated licence

It is recommended that you assign a dedicated salesforce.com user licence with a profile/access to the exact objects and fields you want to make visible in Marketo.  This means you won’t restrict an existing user’s data access but this additional licence will need to be factored into budget.  You don’t want to push every object and field available into Marketo as this will make field selection more unwieldy – it’s better to start simple and you can add more fields later as required.

3. Structure for segmentation

It is important to remember that Marketo won’t be able to access complex custom object relationship and filter contacts in the same way that you can using salesforce.com reporting.  This is why it is so important to review your salesforce.com structure to determine whether you can achieve the required level of segmentation and targeting.  Make sure you understand the salesforce.com objects and fields you can access to create smartlists in Marketo.

4. Plan support sessions

As part of the set up service you receive from Marketo, you will have access to a series of consulting sessions which cannot be delayed indefinitely.  Use these sessions wisely and make sure you plan the questions and agenda in advance to make the most of this valuable expert time.  When you choose a launch campaign to walk through as an end to end process, choose a scenario which you will commonly use or one which you find challenging.

5. Lead scoring

Lead scoring criteria can make or break the sales team’s trust in the flow of qualified leads driven by marketing – if it is too strict, sales won’t get enough warm leads and if it makes too many incorrect assumptions based on say web page visits, they will waste time following up cold leads.  Buy in will be greater if you get marketing and sales to work together on the initial lead scoring criteria, pilot the flow of leads over a period of time and finely tune the behavioural and demographic criteria based on results and feedback.

6. Campaign management

Decide whether campaigns will be created in salesforce.com or in Marketo as this will have implications on the campaign creation process for your marketing users.  Consider your key marketing evaluation metrics and how you want to measure ROI in the context of influence on sales opportunities in salesforce.com.  As best practice and to avoid time-wasting, establish campaign naming convention early on and organise your activity into an easy-to-reference folder structure.

7. Record ownership

Record ownership will play a key role in determining whether a lead or contact is being worked on by marketing or sales and who has visibility of records during the qualification process.  Make sure you factor in a process to take lead ownership back from sales to marketing if they are not qualified for conversion.  Marketo triggers allow you to update key fields such as record owner, lead status and to reduce scores based on lack of activity so use these to influence record ownership.

8. Sales Insight

Consider how your sales team will view and interact with the information you push into salesforce.com from Marketo.  What activity should be displayed as an interesting moment via Sales Insight?  Should sales have access to certain Marketo email templates which can then be tracked?  Do you want sales to have visibility of leads being qualified by marketing or supress these until handed over?  Remember that if you restrict access completely, these records won’t be returned for manual searches if sales are involved in prospecting.

So in summary, careful planning is the key to a successful Marketo integration with salesforce.


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