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IN:GAGE .... a better way to do CRM

Salesforce.com & Dynamics CRM are proving to be the preferred cloud platforms for businesses and organisations, of all sizes and in all sectors, to build and deliver CRM applications. Both applications provide, out-of-the-box, a deep and broad set of functionality.

However, its implementation typically requires some level of configuration, customisation and integration - to ensure that the package fully supports your specific business needs and you gain best value.

To achieve this, you need access to resources who have the requisite technical and business skills, and experience in delivering high quality and high value business solutions. Some organisations decide to establish their own internal CRM team. Others decide to engage an external CRM Consulting partner

BUT - experiences have shown that there are some drawbacks and limitations with each of these approaches.

So Hyphen8 have developed IN:GAGE - a fully managed "One Stop Shop" service to support your immediate and longer term needs.

Lets explore each of these options further ...

Engaging CRM Experts … what are the options?



This might involve cross-training existing staff AND/OR recruiting new staff with the requisite skills and experiences. This approach gives you access and full control of your own talent pool – that you can manage and flex to meet the changing needs of your business. As internal staff they will be aware if internal processes, have incumbent relationships with your business users, , and no doubt cognisant of and work within the culture of your organisation.

However, this option could also involve:

– Recruiting and Training Costs
– Retention Costs (and associated risks)
– Project Delivery Risks (particularly during down time, such as holiday or sick leave)
– Sub-optimal utilisation

Furthermore, you only have access to the skills of the individuals have in your team – and hence may have to secure additional staff to support other, or more complex needs.



By working with a registered CRM partner, you have access to the complete range of skills and hence resources you need to deliver a project, aligned with best practice, in a shorter timespan than otherwise.

However, these folks:

– Can introduce high costs;
– May not be cognisant of the ways, culture and workings of your business; and,
– Often times don’t have any vested interest in helping you truly deliver business benefits.

Furthermore, you may still need to recruit some staff to provide ongoing support and maintenance!

IN:GAGE – a better option …

In response to these challenges, Hyphen8’s IN:GAGE programme offers organisations direct access to a flexible, scaleable and retained resource service.

It offers you access to experienced technical experts, and business consultants with extensive experience in helping organisations deliver transformational change.

The IN:GAGE programme is a fully managed “One Stop Shop” service, that operates almost like your own in-house function.

It includes:

  • Designing, developing and supporting CRM applications that meet your immediate and evolving business needs
  • Providing guidance and methods to help ensure users are fully trained and engaged to make best use of solutions
  • Implementing rigorous data management processes to ensure systems deliver trusted information and insights
  • Advising at a strategic and operational level to ensure your business gets the best value from your investments

All of the above would be delivered and managed within a robust governance and risk managed framework.

To learn more about how our IN:GAGE service can work for you, please contact using the contact form below.

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