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EVOLVE: A Complete Customer Care Service

define[evolve]: A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form

With constant change in your organisation, hyphen8’s evolve is a customer care programme specifically designed to ensure you derive and maintain continuos and high value from your investments in cloud applications and solutions.

Based on a similar model as a managed service, evolve provides you with ongoing access - on demand - to the expert consulting and development resources you need to ensure your applications are always fit for purpose, maintain high adoption levels, and deliver continuous ROI through their lifecycle of use.

Project Scope & Approach

evolve offers a complete and ongoing package of support and consulting services to any salesforce.com customer, and includes:

– Current system health-check audit

– New Release Review: pre-planned consultations at each software upgrade/release in the year

– Consulting & Application Development: an allocation of time (on-site or off-site) that can be called on during the term of the contract

– Remote Administration: access to skilled technical resources to assist you with application administration or configuration changes

evolve stages

Put simply, evolve is similar to recruiting a complete staff of experts and making them available to your organisation …. on-demand!

Service Period and Costs

EVOLVE is sold based on the anticipated level of application support you may require over a 12 month period. A minimum contract, which offers 10 days of support, is priced as follows:

– For commercial businesses: from £8,550 per annum
– For Not-For-Profit organisations: from £7,050 per annum

However, discounts can be negotiated for larger volume requirements. Please contact us for details!


A high quality programme of customer care to ensure you derive ongoing and maximum value from your salesforce.com investments.

– A clear plan to help improve usability and adoption
– Leverage high and continuous value from existing investments
– On-demand access to a diverse team of expert consultants
– A single point of contact with accountability to deliver value

evolve is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your changing business needs. As part of the service, you will receive ongoing access to our complete staff of business consultants, process analysts, developers, trainers, and data architects – all for a single, predictable annual service charge.

Please get in touch using the form below to learn more about our EVOLVE services, and explore how we can help you achieve your mission through cloud applications and technologies.

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