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ENVISION: Develop your CRM Strategy & Roadmap

define [envision]: Imagine as a future possibility; visualize

envision is a consulting service that helps organisations:

- review their current processes and challenges
- consider and assess their future needs
- define a strategy, architecture and delivery plan

... for implementing solution(s) to support their evolution and growth.

Real business solutions, based on deploying cloud computing applications, that will transform your business, empower your staff, and deliver higher value to your customers and stakeholders.

Project Scope & Approach

The scope of an envision assigment will very much depend on what you are trying to achieve.

– It could be all encompassing and scoped to help you define a CRM strategy and plan for your enterprise.
– Or it could be limited to focus on one or more divisions.
– Or, alternatively it might be focused on one or more particular CRM challenges – such as improve enhancing customer experiences, developing a mobile CRM capability, or establishing a more connected and engaged community.

envision is an engagement that involves a process of consultation, facilitation and analysis – WITH your key members of staff, management and other stakeholders.

A typical assignment would start with engaging key stakeholders to participate in one or more workshop(s) and/or interview(s) – to help understand current challenges and business direction. Based on the outputs of these sessions, an analysis of various solution options will be undertaken and compared against a set of agree evaluation criteria, and your business priorities. The final output of the assignment would a provide Solution Blueprint that define the key components of a CRM strategy, and the recommended target architecture and roadmap for delivering transformational change.

The table below summarises the stages of a typical EVOLVE project and associated deliverables:

– Business Aims
– Stakeholder Profile Audit
– Change Readiness Assessment
– Current State Audit
– Key Business Challenges
– Change Drivers
– Future State Model
– GAP Analysis
– Options Analysis
– Outline transformation plan / roadmap
– Risk/Impact assessment
– Proof of Concept Model
– Outline Business Case

The roadmap delivered by the envision assignment will provide the framework to support the delivery of a programme of transformation- which is likely to involve the implementation of cloud application(s) to empower your organisation, enhance operational performance and meet business objectives.

Timescales and Costs

The timescale involved with delivering an envision assignment depends on number of factors, including:

1 – The scope of the mission
2 – The level of detail expected in the final analysis
3 – The number (if any) of Proof of Concept models required to support the business case

For guidance, a minimum investment of 10 days of senior-level consulting resource is recommended to get real value from the assignment.

One or more senior and highly experienced consultants would typically be engaged to support the delivery of a envision assignment. Our rate card for envision projects is as follows:

– For Commercial businesses: £1,000 per day
– For Not-for-Profit organisations: £650 per day

All costs are subject to VAT.

Project Outputs


In summary, the overall outputs from an ENVISION assignment can include:

– One or more workshops to understand business needs and challenges
– Definition, analysis and evaluation of solution options that could suuport your future needs
– An assessment of your organisations state of readiness to embrace change
– A Solution Blueprint that defines your CRM Strategy, the target architecture
– A high level Roadmap (plan) for delivering the change programme
– An outline Business Case to support the investment

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