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11th June 2014

Data transfers are a ‘leap’ away with SyncFrog

As a ClickTools partner, we have the opportunity to play with new developments. Amongst the shiniest new toy in ClickTools’ box is SyncFrog: ‘Integration-as-a-Service’. After taking a ‘test drive’, here are my initial thoughts.

What is ClickTools?

Before we get stuck into SyncFrog, it is worth knowing what ‘ClickTools is’!
ClickTools is a market-leading data capture and integration tool, used by businesses for various purposes. I’ve used it in various ways – such as capturing customer survey feedback & compliance activities. In fact, the use cases are vast. It then posts the data directly into your CRM application, and offers a wealth of insights though reports and analytics. It’s a best-of-breed tool – that comes with a ‘competitive’ price.

Some businesses use lower-cost tools like Survey Monkey to capture data, but then struggle to get the data posted into their CRM system. If only there was a simple application that allows this…

Welcome to SyncFrog!

SyncFrog does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows System A to talk to System B. What makes SyncFrog different to other integrations, I hear you ask? The answer is its simplicity. SyncFrog is based on ClickTool’s sophisticated mapping engine that enables you to map your data to your CRM package without having to call your friendly neighbourhood developer.

The current version of SyncFrog allows you to map from various sources. These include Google Spreadsheets, Google Forms, Salesforce Reports, Survey Monkey, and Twitter. You can then map and post the data into your CRM. Current offerings include Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics LIVE, Oracle CRM on Demand and Marketo.

ClickTools remains for us the best of breed solution for real-time synchronisation of sophisticated data entry forms for any business process. But, for SMEs and Non-Profits on tighter budgets, SynchFrog offers a robust and compelling alternative.

Does it take long to setup? What’s it like?

Admittedly, I had a head start having prolifically used ClickTools. That said, my first ‘data leap’ was ready within minutes due SyncFrog’s intuitive UI. You are guided through each step, using only point and click to set-up mappings. Once completed, you’ll see a snazzy dashboard that shows sync successes and failures along with scheduling options (depending on version).

Would I recommend it?

SyncFrog has a clean and simple user interface, making it easy for an administrator to follow. It is a new product and will no doubt be enhanced. But I like what I see. Other than the obvious use cases (e.g. sync Survey Monkey to your CRM), I thought the Salesforce Report to CRM a useful touch.

Bottom Line: if you are in the market for an integration which is simple to use and matches the sources/targets of the application, I’d recommend you take a look!

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