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1st June 2015

8 ways to drive CRM Adoption. No Sticks Required.

There are various factors that drive CRM success and resulting ROI. But which factors drive the best results?
From my perspective the single and most important driver must be User Adoption. After all, you could invest many thousands in deploying the worlds most advanced CRM solution but, if no one is using it, the ROI is – well – zero.
In relation to this, there are two points that “consultants” often cite that I believe are on weaker foundation now:
1. That Sales people hate using CRM tools. They perceive CRM is ‘Big Brother’; they resent having to take time out to type in endless amounts of data; they find the functionality limiting; and, so on and so forth.
I feel much of this…

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26th May 2015

CRM: a state of mind

It’s often said that CRM is not a stand-alone project; it’s a “journey”. But a journey normally has a destination in mind. So, I would argue that CRM is more a journey of change.
A project, in general terms, has a defined structure, resources, deliverables, timelines, objectives, a governance, a delivery method, a change control mechanism, and a bunch of other stuff – all placed in a framework to deliver certain outcomes.
But to derive highest value from CRM initiatives, I recommend that all these factors should be established as an integral component of how your organisation operates and behaves.
The speed of shift and change in the market today is rapid and your business operates in constant state of…

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