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7th July 2014

8 salesforce frustrations we solved with code

There’s no denying you can do a lot of customisation with out of the box salesforce.com configuration.  However, custom development allows you take the simplification, automation and personalisation of processes and user journeys to another level.  Here are some really cool examples of recent code our skilled Hyphen8 developers have crafted to solve customer salesforce frustrations:

Salesforce frustration 1:

Cumbersome process to add multiple products to opportunities for a complex range of online media space services

Our solution: Custom product wizard to manage the product entry process including date search filter, product-specific data entry screens, cost per 1000 calculator and a nifty controller to track and display remaining advertising slots

Salesforce frustration 2:

Too many clicks required to create and connect multiple people and business accounts due to a complex custom relationship structure

Our solution: Handy quick create panel with links to custom data entry screens combining key fields from multiple records to create associations with just one click

Salesforce frustration 3:

Heavy drain on central resource to tailor an ever-changing range of online application forms for regional charity grant programmes

Our solution: Dynamic web form builder with drag and drop field and section selector, document attachment, editable field labels and help text

Salesforce frustration 4:

Need to restrict the personal contact details for high profile celebrity contacts without restricting visibility of their contact record and associated history

Our solution: Button to allow users with permissions to convert a contract to restricted automatically clones a searchable version of the contact without the sensitive data

Salesforce frustration 5:

Drain on limited team resources to process the award and reject outcomes of high volumes of multiple grant applications and subsequent actions

Our solution: New tab with custom screens to filter, review and update multiple records simultaneously

Salesforce frustration 6:

Excessive data storage space taken up by a large number of historical activities and email send histories

Our solution: Automate an archiving process to push related summaries into fields on the associated record to maintain visibility whilst reducing impact on storage space

Salesforce frustration 7:

Failure of sales team to add contact roles causing a lack of opportunity visibility in Marketo and inability to automate sales communications

Our solution: Automate the generation of a contact role on creation of an opportunity based on information derived from existing fields

Salesforce frustration 8:

Time-consuming process to create a series of associated events when a young person signs up for a programme of adventure challenges

Our solution: Automate the creation of a stream of linked events when a new registration is submitted

So if you have any salesforce frustrations, creative custom code may well be the answer.  It goes without saying, we would love to help.


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