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2nd November 2015

8 Reasons to Choose Dynamics CRM (Behind Enemy Lines)

It’s been a very insightful 4 weeks heading up a Microsoft Dynamics practice in a SalesForce dominated consulting firm – Hyphen8. A less hostile environment than expected and certainly more inquisitive; so, “different” doesn’t necessarily means “worse”!

At a recent team event, a 90/10 split of SalesForce professionals versus Microsoft Dynamics in the room, an open forum discussion was held to identify the perception of Microsoft Dynamics and why it is gradually clawing more and more market share for CRM applications.

Having learnt a little about what Salesforce.com (SFDC) offers, I am starting to get why Salesforce reigns as the so-called leader in this space. But, that said, I retaliate with these points back as 8 reasons why a business might choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM instead:

8 reasons to choose Dynamics …


Lower Cost of Ownership:

Dynamics is priced at almost 50% lower than SFDC


European Data Centres:

It’s true that SFDC now has a UK Data Centre. But where is the data backed up and mirrored I ask? Not an issue with Dynamics.


Multiple Deployment Options:

SFDC offers 100% cloud only.  Dynamics offers customer choice: Pure Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid


Breadth of Applications:

Within the licence fee you also get access to advanced social monitoring & engagement, powerful BI applications, as well as a complete MS 365 suite including Word and Excel. The equivalent are add-ons in the SFDC world, with big price tags


Outlook Integration:

admittedly SFDC have improved on this with 365 at least however the general consensus is still a little flaky. Dynamics integration with Outlook is as water tight and native as ever with further enhancements coming in 2016.


Cost of additional storage:

The default provision for database storage with Dynamics is significantly higher than SFDC – and extra storage cost is cheap as chips by comparison, with further capabilities through SharePoint & OneDrive.


Offline capabilities:

Dynamics CRM offers interactive offline capability through Outlook, Phone and Tablet. SFDC provide a read only access with a limit of the latest 30 records.


Mix of Licence Types:

Dynamics offers prices to suit different needs – full user, reporting user, service management etc. With SFDC you pay the same for all users, regardless if they need the functionality or not!

The above are my immediate reflections. SFDC may well still rank as the so-called “Best”, but does that make it the “Right” CRM choice for everyone?

It would be great to hear your feedback on the above so leave a comment or you can contact me direct: Nathan@hyphen8.com to discuss further.

To learn more about what Microsoft Dynamics CRM has to offer click HERE

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