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10th July 2014

8 Good Reasons why Not-for-Profits choose Salesforce.com

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Every busy Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisation is fully aware of the challenges involved with managing relationships, events and other activities with their “customers”: donors, funders, trustees, members (corporates and individuals) and other stakeholders.

And, with ever-increasing pressures on the wallet, there becomes a critical need to:

– Implement and adhere to consistent, high quality processes
– Have access to information and data that is timely, up-to-date and reliable
– Employ technologies that can automate tasks and deliver efficiencies

To address these challenges, and more, there is a plethora of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products available on the market, suited to meet the budgets and varying needs of different organisations.

Of these, many thousands of Not-for-Profits worldwide choose Salesforce.com. Here are 8 good reasons why:

1 Salesforce.com, born approx. 15 years ago, is now recognised as the worlds leading CRM platform – so Not-for-Profits gain the assurances they need of working with the best in the business
2 The Salesforce.com platform operates as a 100% pure-cloud – this helps Not-for-Profits slash their IT running costs
3 Salesforce.com provides a highly flexible and scalable CRM platform – that enables Not-for-Profits to develop solutions tailored to their specific and individual needs
4 Developing applications on the Salesforce.com platform is an agile process, enabling solutions to be implemented to deliver value to Not-for-Profits in rapid timescales
5 The Salesforce.com AppExchange provides access to a wealth of third-party tools and applications that can help Not-for-Profits enhance their systems, and further reduce implementation timeframes and associated costs
6 As one of the leading CRM application vendors, there is a global market of consultants and developers that Not-for-Profits can call on for assistance with their projects
7 Salesforce.com has been recognised as the “#1 most innovative company in the world” (three years in a row, by Forbes). It therefore delivers capabilities that lead the way in helping Not-for-Profits connect, collaborate and engage with their communities – through traditional, mobile, social media, and other emerging channels.
8 Through their Foundation, Salesforce.com invest heavily in their CSR programme, have a strong ethos in delivering business for social good, investing is social programmes, and offers Not-for-Profits up to 10 licences at NO COST to help them drive forward their CRM initiatives.

Likewise, at Hyphen8 we are passionate about working with Not-for-Profit organisations and Social Enterprises. As a specialist CRM and Salesforce.com consulting partner, our clients include UK Community Foundations, Social Enterprise UK, Laureus for Sport, Voiceability, Charity Retail Association, Youth Adventure Trust, and others.

Working in a partnered fashion with our clients, we implement powerful CRM solutions using Salesforce.com that help them build income levels, reduce costs, become more productive organisations – and drive better efficiencies in the way they deliver value to their communities.

As starting point, we’ve devised a SmartStart programme that implements a robust solution for you within days, and can gives you on-demand access to our team of experts to help ensure your system delivers continuous benefits as your organisation grows and evolves.

If this sounds like something you need help with, we’d love to hear from you!

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